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At WEM® Software, we specialize in providing construction project productivity software to help you optimize your projects’ performance and boost productivity. Our ultimate productivity suite includes three powerful products: JPAC®, SIS®, and TPAC®. All are included in DCI Construction® utilizing Agile Construction® principles.

WEM® Software is the only Licensed Retailer for MCA Inc’s Productivity Software Packages.

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Increase Productivity

By streamlining workflows, our team uses MCA® Software and dedicated onboarding management to increase productivity by over 30%, empowering your team to focus on what really matters - delivering top-notch results to clients and customers.

Visualize & Optimize

With MCA software, you can easily collaborate with project stakeholders and make informed decisions based on visualized real-time data, ultimately reducing project timelines and costs while ensuring quality outcomes.

Savings of


Maximize Returns

Every hour of planning with JPAC® and SIS® is equal to 17 hours of labor savings and is designed to provide comprehensive insights into project performance, enabling you to identify inefficiencies and optimize processes for maximum profitability.

WEM® Case Study

The Symphony at the Convention Center

WEM, LLC provided support scheduling support to Staff Electric and its joint venture partner on both the electrical and low voltage / technology scope of work, totaling approximately 173 thousand labor hours.

Meeting the ASTM E2691 Standard

WEM® Software is a proud distributor of MCA Software, the only software that meets ASTM standard practice E2691, which is a standard for job productivity measurement in construction. This means that our team utilizes software that is reliable and accurate and meets the highest industry standards for construction project productivity measurement. Compliance with this standard is essential for providing a consistent and reliable way to measure productivity on construction sites. Our commitment to meeting this standard ensures that our clients can trust the data produced by our software and make informed decisions to optimize their projects for maximum efficiency.

Application of ASTM E2691 Standard Practice for Job Productivity Measurement: Click Here.

Meeting the NEIS Prefab Standard

The Recommended Practice for Prefabrication (NECA 5-2022), Developed by MCA, Inc, NECA, and NEIS®

NECA 5-2022 Recommended Practice for Prefabrication, ANSI Accredited Standard is the first of its kind. The industry’s first standard leading to improvement in time, cost, quality, and safety in the electrical construction industry and its consumers.

NECA 5 includes detailed information on the following prefabrication processes: planning, purchasing, procurement, scheduling, production, installation, performance measurement, project management, quality assurance, quality control, continuous improvement, tactical planning, and strategic planning.

To Learn more about the NECA 5-2022, Recommended Practice for Prefabrication of Electrical Installations for Construction and how to purchase the standard here: Click Here

WEM® is Trusted by Users Worldwide

Our software suite is trusted by users worldwide and has helped manage billions of dollars in construction projects. Join the ranks of satisfied customers and see how WEM® Software can help you achieve your construction project goals.

WEM® is WBENC Certified

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is a leading organization dedicated to supporting and promoting women-owned businesses in the United States. WBENC provides certification to women-owned businesses, which is widely recognized and respected by corporations and government agencies. The council also offers a variety of resources, including networking opportunities, educational programs, and advocacy initiatives. By fostering connections, providing access to opportunities, and advocating for gender equality in the business world, WBENC plays a crucial role in empowering women entrepreneurs and helping them thrive.

WEM® is a member of NAWIC

With more than 115 chapters across the country, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) offers its members education, support and networking to help advance their careers in construction, build their technical skills, and become leaders.

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