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We provide the only software solution that is an application of ASTM E2691, recognized as the correct way to measure and improve productivity in construction. Our data indicates that the “work” is what is most important in construction. The more that we enable skilled workers to perform productive work, the more profits our clients will realize, the smoother the projects will run and the better off the construction industry will be. WEM® Software is committed to realizing that goal for our clients and for the construction industry.


Revolutionary Support and Onboarding

No other software solution offers support and implementation of Agile Construction® from the originators and experts at MCA, Inc. Not only do we offer software support, we are the only team that can handle full implementation and training of your entire organization. From Prefabrication to Vendor Management to Agile Construction®, we can handle any and all of your needs so you can grow your construction company in a profitable way.

WEM® Software

WEM® Software knows Productivity.

Our team has been studying skilled labor productivity trends in construction for many decades. From the auto industry to manufacturing to agriculture, Industrialization has sparked dramatic productivity booms. Industrialization of Construction® is happening now and now is the time to act! Partnered with MCA, Inc. Our unique solutions are rooted in science and backed by decades of research on live construction projects. While there are many pretenders in the world of construction software, WEM® stands above the rest because we are backed by data and proud of it!


Still not convinced?

Here’s the truth. The vast majority of technical initiatives in the construction industry fall by the wayside for one reason. Failed implementation because of refusal to buy in. This is where we are experts. We have worked with hundreds of companies across all industries to implement these tools and processes and because we are the originators of these concepts, we are the only team that can offer continued training and achieve organic buy in through education. While other software companies will only support their tech, we can help with every facet of your business. From Prefab to Vendor Management to Agile Construction®, WEM® Software will be a partner in your quest for profitable growth!

WEM® Software

Our Products

Below you’ll find the software that will do all the work for you.


JPAC® is a computer-enabled process designed to measure, predict, and improve job site labor productivity for contractors.


With SIS®, your labor can schedule their daily tasks and give you feedback about why and how they couldn’t finish what should get done each day.

Agile Construction® Software Training

Have your team learn and apply the principles of Agile Construction® from the experts at WEM® Software.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“We have been working with them for about 6 months and it has been a wonderful experience. They seem to be able to help with all facets of our business. Their scheduling and productivity tools have been very helpful and have become indispensable. They differentiated themselves by being the primary force in implementing these tools. They are pushing the process and greatly responsible for our office and field teams’ current buy-in. These guys can help you!”

John Yelverton

Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air

“Other consultants and coaches only talk about the game with us, you teach your clients and partners how to play the game and win.”
Tim Culliton

President and CEO

Culliton – Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC

“…very valuable information to show areas of possible productivity and revenue loss and specific areas for improvement, which makes every trade more efficient and productive.”
Mike Holmes

Holmes Electric

Our Team

Meet the people who are going to help you meet your goals.

Dr. Heather Moore

Dr. Heather Moore


Marnie Mogford

Marketing Outreach Manager

Agile Construction® Blog

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