WEM® Software’s Tools are unique and powerful. They were developed out of decades of research focused on first understanding productivity in construction and then providing solutions aimed at improving it. Both JPAC® and SIS® are an application of ASTM Standard 2691 which happens to be the recognized standard to measure and improve productivity in construction. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished and are excited to share it with our clients and aid in their quest to improve productivity across the construction industry!

Improve Productivity

WEM® Software’s goal is to increase the productivity of field labor for our clients on every project. We accomplish this by providing leading edge technological solutions rooted deeply in scientific data. No other solution can back up their claims like we can because we are researchers and scientists at heart!

Higher Profits

It’s simple: the more productive you are, the more money you will make. Proper use of WEM® Software’s tools will yield higher profitability. Think of it this way, if you bid a job for $500,000 and budget 7,000 hours, what happens if you are able to complete the project in 6,000 hours? WEM® Software is the only tool that will give you indicators very early on to alert you to both problem projects and money makers!

Predictable Results

Our tool is an owner’s dream. You know you are good at managing projects, now if only you could replicate that throughout your organization….Our software collects data on every project that, over time, uncovers inefficiencies in your project setup. Solve those issues and, voila, you are on your way to realizing predictable project outcomes rather than a constant roll of the dice.

JPAC® is a computer-enabled process designed to measure, predict, and improve job site labor productivity for contractors.

With SIS®, your labor can schedule their daily tasks and give you feedback about why and how they couldn’t finish what should get done each day.

Have your team learn and apply the principles of Agile Construction® from the experts at WEM® Software.

TPAC® focuses on improving owners and project manager’s control over their project financials. TPAC®’s strength comes from it’s unique capability to interconnect with JPAC® and use labor performance projection methodology to enhance project financial projections. Project reports created with TPAC® will enable owners and project managers to get more accurate and reliable projections of the project status and the end-of-job financial performance, earlier than ever before. More than ever before WEM Software is becoming the “Crystal Ball” of Project Management. Contact WEM today for a demo of this powerful product suite and pricing for a complete package, or an add on to your existing WEM Software tools.

Explore the complete project lifecycle with DCI Construction® management at the overall corporate and enterprise level. From pipeline and backlog, procurement, project planning, work reporting, and much, much more!

• Visible Status of Potential Work
• Reduced Risk of Project Losses
• Resource Planning and Strategy Insights

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