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What Is Work Environment Management, LLC?

MCA has made its mark in the construction industry with research and education programs designed for contractors, vendors, manufacturers and other supporting businesses who wish to be more productive and more profitable.

Over the course of helping thousands of businesses cost-effectively implement Agile Construction® principles, we have undertaken the development of software tools - JPAC® and SIS® - to help managers improve their system productivity and business profitability.

With Work Environment Management, LLC, or WEM®, MCA has teamed up with software industry experts to advance and deliver JPAC® and SIS® to you and your business efficiently and affordably.

Meet the Team


Dr. Heather Moore



Sonja Daneshgari

VP, Customer Service

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Nick Aloisio

Director of Sales | WEM®

Contact the Experts at WEM®

Call us at (810) 232-9797 to speak with one of our experts to learn more about how WEM® can help you improve productivity and profitability.