Productive Labor – Profitable Projects Predictable Results

Allow us to be your extended arm in scheduling. We will help you streamline your project for improved revenue and on-time completion and help your project team, utilize the corporate memory to effectively implement risk mitigation strategies on projects.

Project Scheduling Services:
• Schedule Setup
• Weekly Updates
• Schedule Usage

Project Forecasting and Risk Reduction Services:
• Project Forecasting and Risk Reduction Preparation
• Facilitating and Conduction Project Audits
• Work Environment Management (WEM®) Connectivity

Enhance your current accounting system or implement JPAC® on its own!
• Increase Job Profitability by 30%
• Detect Project Gains and Losses by 20% Complete
• Get Cash Flow Positive by 50% Complete

Have the ability to react to project changes with increased agility and responsiveness.
• Identify, Track, and Document Obstacles
• Help your Team Work to their Full Potential
• 3-day look ahead

DCI Construction™ :
Explore the complete project lifecycle with DCI Construction™ management at the overall corporate and enterprise level. From pipeline and backlog, procurement, project planning, work reporting, and much, much more!
• Visible Status of Potential Work
• Reduced Risk of Project Losses
• Resource Planning and Strategy Insights