Month: June 2020

4 Basic Tips to Improve Productivity In Construction

Ask any one in the construction industry if they want their field team to be more productive and 100% of the time, the answer you will receive will be a resounding YES!  The unfortunate fact is that this is typically easier said than done.  Productivity is tricky, mostly because it is pretty tough to track. …
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3 Tips to Improve The Accuracy of Your Construction Estimate

What is your hit rate?  Have you ever really sat down and tried to figure out why you aren’t winning more work?  How about trying to figure out why some projects make a ton of money while others make you wonder why you got into this business in the first place?  The average “hit rate”…
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3 Strategies to Make Your Construction Projects More Predictable

Let’s pretend someone gave you a crystal ball and by simply gazing into it, you would know whether the projects you are currently working on would be profitable or not.  How much would you pay for something like that?  Seem like a pipe dream?  It’s not.  We work with clients all over the country who…
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